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hello and welcome!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new website!

Since this past summer, I've been sort of messing around and decided to finally make a little spot where you can find everything that involves my work (how exciting). If you're reading this, I suppose I should start off by saying thank you! You took time out of your day to stop by and check this ole thing out. I am honored. If you aren't already incredibly busy, I have an entire page filled with all of my poetry and prose that I've already posted online and also an entire page filled with a few videos that I'm quite proud of. If you've already seen all that jazz (because you're super cool and up to date or whatever) that's where this little tab comes into play! A blog! A whole entire blog filled with my thoughts on pretty much any and everything! I'll try to keep this as updated as possible because sharing my feelings is fun and nothing feels better than telling people my opinions on all things possible. Anyways, it's lovely to have you all here and I'm super stoked to see where this endeavor goes. In the meantime, make sure that you're keeping up with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube because apparently I'm supposed to post on there too.

All the love,

Orion. x

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